About Balance Chiropractic

Epping Chiropractor Dr Gus Gunther

Walk away from pain

Is pain making every day a marathon? Have Panadol or other analgesics stopped touching the sides of those headaches? Does your day limp to a finish with nothing left in the tank for the gym, reading to the kids, date night…?

Pain comes from your nerves and it’s exhausting. So is the despair from not knowing if it will ever go away — especially if you don’t even know what’s causing your pain.

Perhaps you’ve already experimented with massage and other topical fixes. But tackling only the symptoms of a nerve problem is like deleting all the emails in your inbox — it might give you a moment’s peace, but your inbox will soon be spilling over again.

When it comes to your health, your brain is the inbox and your spine is filling it with painful emails.

My name is Gus Gunther, and I have spent 32 years freeing patients from the pain that comes from nerve problems. As a chiropractor, my training and my expertise is in the spine and nervous system, the master control centre of your body. With years of experience combined with graduate and postgraduate training in neurology, I know how to optimise your spine’s stability, and provide deep and lasting relief.

Who sees a chiropractor and when?

People come to my Epping chiropractic clinic because they want to walk away from pain. The pain might have come suddenly from a knock on the football field, a car accident or picking the children up awkwardly.

Alternatively, it might be chronic and they don’t know the cause. Or they may be experiencing pain that just appeared for no apparent reason.

Wherever their pain came from, it isn’t going to go away. It’s probably getting worse and it’s beyond the reach of a couple of pills or a massage. This is where chiropractic can shine.

As my patient, you’ll find out what is causing your pain and receive gentle chiropractic adjustments tailored to that problem. I’ll also give you the advice you need about things that you yourself can do, to help it heal.

Once we’ve restored you to an improved state of health, we can also work out a plan to keep you in excellent shape.

My areas of clinical interest are chronic spinal pain, the neurological control of spinal stability and balance disorders.

I’m continually training to stay on top of the latest research and techniques in chiropractic. I’ve completed post-graduate neurology studies with the Carrick Institute of Graduate Studies in the USA which has given me board eligibility with the American Chiropractic Neurology Board. I’m a member of the Australian Chiropractors Association and a member of the Australasian Academy of Functional Neurology.

I also enjoy teaching chiropractic and have been a tutor at Macquarie University and in post-graduate chiropractic courses.

I look forward to welcoming you to our gentle chiropractic clinic in Epping, where your health concerns will always be taken seriously.