A pain in the hip, leg, knee, foot … life doesn’t have to hurt!

Posted On 12 March 2021
By Dr Gus Gunther
Epping chiropractic

Life has a habit of kicking us where it hurts, and when it comes to chronic pain or generalised niggles, it can feel like toothache of the worst kind in a totally different place!

There are many different treatment routes to go down for such pain, but if you don’t get to find out what it is exactly that is causing it, how can you know you’re not just masking it, and that it won’t just flare up again in the future?

This is where chiropractic comes in very useful indeed.

Avoiding painkillers

If you’re prescribed painkillers for a pain that you don’t know the cause of, then you could be causing more damage than you know, simply hiding the problem until it becomes much harder to treat.

Chiropractic on the other hand seeks to find out the cause at the very start, and then treat accordingly, without masking symptoms of pain with drugs and even possible surgery.

We are looking at a gentle, drug-free, and extremely effective way to treat pain which flares up in the hip, legs, knee, or feet.

You might have had a sporting injury, fallen accidentally, you could simply find that you have developed a recurring pain, which you don’t know the cause of, coming on suddenly and without warning.

Knee Pain

The knees are one of the most commonly treated areas by chiropractors. Knee pain can occur through injury or simply wear and tear, occasionally due to a tear in the meniscus, and often through sport or repetitive movement.

To treat this there are two main areas of action – myofascial release and active release technique. Both of these seek to find out the cause and treat accordingly, usually incorporating a deep massage of the underlying tissues, stimulating healing and freeing up the area, after proper diagnosis of the problem at hand.

If you have found your knees clicking, cracking, or making odd noises, you could be showing the first signs of wear and tear, and chiropractic could certainly help with that.

Hips & Feet

If you find that you have such pain associated with groin stiffness, then this could be a sign of hip arthritis in the early stages.

Heel pain? This could be a condition known as plantar fasciitis. These are all issues that have been shown to respond extremely well to chiropractic treatment, without the need for drugs or surgery.

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We focus on treating every problem as individual as the person suffering from it, and chiropractic certainly offers a holistic, individual option for treating chronic pain and injury.

Call today and see how chiropractic could help you towards a pain-free future.

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