Chiropractic for a Slipped Disc

Posted On 19 February 2023
By Dr Gus Gunther
Chiropractic for a Slipped Disc

What is a slipped disc?

It’s important to start off by properly identifying what a disc is. Basically, it’s what cushions the 26 bones of the spinal column, a shock absorber so there’s no friction between bones.

A disc is made of two parts – the soft, gelatinous interior and a hard outer ring. When a person sustains an injury, the inner portion can protrude through the outer ring. This is a slipped disc.

What causes a slipped disc?

People are prone to a slipped disc when they do not properly lift heavy objects, or they have quite a sedentary life where there’s not much range to their movements.

When they move or shift into positions that their body is not used to, it can place too much strain on the spine and lead to the development of a slipped disc.

Also highly vulnerable are older people – as people get older the amount of moisture of the inner portion of the disc diminishes, making it slip out of place much more easily.

A slipped disc can create other sensations such as muscle weakness that makes accomplishing daily tasks more difficult, tingling and burning sensations around the affected areas (from the spine to extremities), and sometimes even twitching due to the loss of muscle control. The most concerning out of all these is that the pains can intensify over time if appropriate treatment is not carried out as soon as possible.

Imaging tests

Prior to applying treatment, it’s important to determine the extent of the condition and this is done through imaging tests such as:

  • X-rays
  • CT scans
  • MRI scans
  • And at times, discograms

Through these tests, the cause, and extent of the condition will be properly established so the right treatment program can be developed.

Chiropractic treatment for slipped disc

To restore the body’s original functioning, therapy is a must and this will include specific exercises and chiropractic manipulation to strengthen the spine, allow injuries to heal naturally, restore core balance, and put everything back in place.

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