How To Prevent Neck Pain While You’re Working

Posted On 29 January 2023
By Dr Gus Gunther
Prevent Neck Pain

Office work may not seem too physically demanding – you’re seated most of the time, working in front of the computer, reading documents, writing down your ideas, taking calls and even snacking every now and then.

Still, at the end of a long work day, you find yourself aching and the pain often originates from your neck, all the way to your lower back. You try to relieve it by doing neck rotations or massaging the affected areas but the relief is only temporary.

When you’re already suffering from neck pain, all you can really do is look for available treatment immediately. If not, the pain could intensify in time or worse, trigger serious complications.

These days, more and more people are turning to their chiropractor to help them deal with pain. The chiropractic method is drug-free and non-invasive. It looks at the body holistically and helps it heals naturally.

Prevent Neck Pain with improved posture

One of the best things you can do to prevent neck pain is improve your posture. Bad posture is the most common cause of neck pains at work – it places stress on your joints and affects the proper circulation of blood which carries valuable oxygen throughout the body. To help maintain good posture while working in the office, here are some of the best tips:

  • Make sure that both your feet are always touching the floor. Feet are nowhere near the neck, right? However, your body is a network and stress in certain places can travel to other body parts. Also, when both your feet are not properly planted on the floor, your body becomes naturally inclined to slump forward.
  • Keep those thighs parallel to the floor as well.
  • Push your pelvis slightly forward and make sure to maintain this position by providing it enough lumbar support. Also with this position, you automatically pull your shoulders back; pelvis slightly forward, shoulders back – this is the healthiest position for your neck. If your work chair is not ergonomically designed, bring a lumbar pillow.
  • Keep your computer monitor at eye level so your head does not drift forward (forward head posture) over your shoulder which will put a lot of stress on your neck and shoulders.
  • If you use the phone quite often, invest in a good headset because holding a phone receiver for a long time is not only stressful for the wrist but it can set your body balance off.
  • Stretch every 30 minutes to undo all those stress knots; doing this will automatically bring relief and reacquaint your body with its right neutral posture.

If your neck pain is not improved with these posture tips, consider chirpractic care – contact us to book an initial consultation.

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