Posted On 18 Jul 2014
By Dr Gus Gunther

According to Headache Australia, 23 percent of homes have at least one migraine sufferer, and up to 7 million suffer from tension-type headaches, 42 percent of which are women and 36 percent are men.

But migraines and tension-type headaches are not the only kinds of headaches people deal with; there is also the cluster headache, which is severe pain in one side of the head and felt behind the eye, and cervicogenic headache, which is caused by misalignment of the neck.

But whatever type of headache you may be suffering from, you have another and even more effective remedy, apart from taking over-the-counter medication and avoiding triggers.

Varying studies and clinical trials indicate that chiropractic care has delivered relief and that it has been highly effective for managing headaches.

Spinal manipulation, for one, which is a primary form of chiropractic care, is widely recognised as a good treatment option for tension-type headaches as well as headaches that originate in the neck.