The Trivial Causes Of Back Pain

Posted On 7 October 2022
By Dr Gus Gunther
Causes of back pain

Back pain is often associated with aging – the inevitable discomfort created by the slowed-down internal workings of the body that diminish flexibility.

Likewise, back pain is proof that the body has already sustained much wear and tear. Therefore, it’s crucial for everybody who considers himself/herself no longer a “spring chicken” to be particularly thoughtful and careful, because the most common causes of back pain among older folks are usually the most trivial ones.

Common, trivial causes of back pain

  1. Uncomfortable fashion – This is especially true for women. Tight clothing, which many prefer to wear, can put great strain on the back because they often prevent women from holding the right neutral posture, especially when sitting down, to prevent exposure. The solution is easy, though; women can just choose more comfortable clothing, or if they really need to wear such physically restricting styles, they should make sure to stretch every once in a while to reorient their back to the right posture.
  2. Bursts of enthusiasm when taking on chores, sports, home improvement projects, etc. – People may accomplish a lot of things thanks to these bursts of energy and enthusiasm, but the lack of physical preparation for all these activities can shock the body and even lead to injuries. The only way to avoid back pain here is to adequately prepare for the tasks to be tackled – get enough exercise to condition those muscles.
  3. Not knowing the proper lifting techniques – The risk for getting injured is rather high if the right lifting techniques aren’t used; aside from the pain caused by the strain, one might suffer from a slipped disc. Here are some tips on proper lifting: Bend the knees and keep a straight back, never bend at the waist, always keep the object close to the body, don’t hold the object higher than the armpit’s or knee’s level, turn the whole body if things need to be moved to the left or right, and never attempt to lift anything more than 20 percent of your body’s weight.
  4. Absent-mindedness – The thing about this is that activities are done while the body’s not ready and the spine case easily get bent out of shape. The solution? Just be consistently conscientious of what you’re doing, and make sure the body’s relaxed while keeping the back straight.
  5. Extra weight – Heavier people tend to suffer from back pains because of all the extra weight the spine has to support. A chiropractor can adjust the spine to restore the original neutral posture, but he will likely be recommending dietary changes to get rid of extra pounds weighing the spine down.
  6. Poor posture – Slouching remains to be one of the main reasons why people suffer from persistent back pains. However, people are so used to this bent position. It can easily be corrected; back braces help, as well as regular visits to the chiropractor for exercises to restore flexibility and proper posture.
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