Knee Pain – A Delicate Injury

Posted On 8 June 2023
By Dr Gus Gunther
Chiropractic for Knee Pain

Some types of injuries can cause chronic ongoing pain. Knee injuries have long been known for their ability to not only cause significant pain, but also leave the sufferer with a life-long issue of discomfort at certain times afterwards.

If you have ever had a knee injury then you will know that sickly feeling at the time of it happening, and the pain that comes afterwards; if you’re a professional athlete and you have had a knee injury, then you will understand the fear that it could potentially end your career.

The bottom line is that our knees bear an awful lot of our weight, and either through an accident or simple wear and tear, injuries happen. One of the most common is a meniscus tear, which is a tear to the part of the knee which cushions the joint, causing pain and discomfort.

Good news for knee pain sufferers

There is good news however, because some of the time this particular injury doesn’t require surgery, and chiropractic methods have been shown to be highly effective in treating this particular problem.

This is great news for anyone who has suffered this particular injury, and if you are an athlete, worried about getting back to your sport, this is one knee injury which can be cured.

Here at Balance Chiropractic, we are experienced in helping those suffering from a meniscus tear injury, through highly specialised chiropractic methods, in conjunction with physical rehabilitation.

Epping chiropractor Dr Gus Gunther has seen and treated countless cases of meniscus tear injuries, and can help put you back on the road to recovery with a range of highly effective stretching exercises, designed to increase the muscle around the knee, to help support the injury, and then slowly rehabilitating the knee back to normal movements in a controlled manner.

Even if you are a highly trained athlete, who goes through endless amounts of training to build up the body to withstand stress and injury, sometimes simple wear and tear gets in the way. It’s important go down the correct treatment channels when this does happen, because inadequate treatment can lead to improper healing, which then leads to problems in later life.

Consulting with a chiropractor on your rehabilitation and treatment is the best first step to correcting a meniscus tear injury, or indeed any injury.

Get in touch

If you have sustained an injury such as this and you’re struggling to regain a proper range of movements, or having issues with pain, do not hesitate to call the practice now on (02) 9868 2509to arrange an appointment to discuss how we could help you.

Knee problems aren’t something to mess around with, and it’s important to address the issue head on, to prevent further problems in the future, and to rid yourself of pain and discomfort in the present.

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